Crop Net Protects the Crop and Ensures the Yield

Maximizing Productivity Through Crop Net Protection

Agricultural Methods that Ensure Crop Protection

crops in greenhouse used vertical support system

The crop net allow that your crops receive sunlight for that can get the best growth.

Every producer tends to be sure that the crop will grow undisturbed and that the harvest will be successful. One can do whatever it takes to protect his yield, hence it is impossible to be hundred percent sure of any kind of loss. Sometimes, the weather isn’t friendly. Plants need a lot of light, warmth, air, and water but any of these natural sources may become harmful. To mention just some of them, excessive humidity causes fungi infections while hail or strong wind damages the leaves or fruits physically. Some insects transmit diseases. If the prime goal is to maximize production then it is necessary to implement some proven agricultural methods that will ensure the most advantageous conditions for your crop and consequently their protection. Crop net is a synonym for the method based on experience. From simple solutions to cutting edge innovations, crop-net has been designed to preserve the economic value of your crop and your financial progress.

Overhead Crop Net

Crop-net is available in different shape and sizes but all types share the main purpose of multiple crop protection. Which crop-net to choose is not easy and it depends on the kind of your crop. If you grow berries or vineyard you will need overhead crop-net to protect the crop primarily against birds. The fruits are sweet and their smell attracts bird pests and other small animals. It is important to mount the net above the canopy in the way that it can spread or retrieve. When you don’t use it, you can store the net at the end of the crop on wires. The net is made of UV proof polyethylene which s further advantage in terms of crop protection.

Installation and Maintenance

flowers using hortizontal support net

The correct installation of the crop netting protect your crops against the any diseases.

Proper installation of the crop net ensures that you will harvest without any difficulties, and your crop will be safe from the birds’ threat. Simply by lifting the panels, the workers on the plantation or the equipment will have an access to the crop. Most importantly, there is no possibility for birds to pick the fruits through the crop net. Every physical contact is prevented, and your products will preserve the supreme quality. The same goes for vineyards. It can be managed beneath. It is very important to remember that the properly installed overhead net doesn’t lean on the plants. It is improved version in comparison to the side netting. In most cases, this system lasts for a year and it demands less labor to operate it. Spreading and retrieving is simple and it doesn’t require much time and expensive equipment. During the winter the net is stored at the end of the raw.

Grow Your Plants in Shade to Lower the Risk

Shade house is another necessity for all those farmers and breeders who want to grow fruits and vegetables with the lowest risk possible. Year after year, climate changes cause warmer summers that are often followed with draughts. As a responsible producer, you will not let your crop depend on the weather conditions. Your plants need to be protected from the excessive exposure to the sun before it makes some serious damage and puts harvest on the risk. Shade fabric is made of the highly resistible, durable polyethylene material in the variety of shade densities. With the scale from 30% – 80% densities, it is easily adaptable to specific needs. The crop will be this way protected from the direct sunlight, and the installation is simple. It serves also as a windscreen or fence. Before you decide to invest in the shade house, you should think about what size you exactly need. It is available in the largest variety. Proper measurements ensure the optimal light diffusion, heat reflection, and ventilation.

Popular Method of Growing Plants

double wall system used for provide support to crops in cropfield

With the SOG method your provide to your crops a good support and a faster growth.

For those who do not know what does the term SOG netting means, we are telling that it actually means ‘see of green’. Our first association is well organized, a spacious green surface of growing plants. What is not obvious from the term is that here we are dealing with the advanced technique of growing numerous plants. It is a very popular method since it enables us to control the growth. We will determine the height every plant will grow up to in accordance with their purpose and our preferences. SOG netting is fixed over the plants with the purpose to train side branches to acquire equal light. Enough space and light for every single plant prevent fungi infection and they are beneficial for the overall growth. In the stage of flowering, most plants produce one huge bud and several smaller on sides. If you have noticed that side branches are too dense, be aware that it may affect air circulation. The best is to remove side branches and enable the main branch to develop without difficulties. Some breeders prefer to let only the strongest quality side branches grow.

Plan How to Protect the Plants

Agricultural methods of growing plants are numerous, and they all include protection as the main component of the successful business. Without a careful planning how to protect plants from the seeding to the harvest, we take a risk that we could have avoided. Crop-net is the first in line to protect the yield from birds and other small animals. With the small investment and an easy installation, the risk will decrease, and the fruits will preserve their value after the harvest. The Economic value of the yield is important for the financial progress. If your products are damaged, they will lose their value, and here we are not talking only about the birds’ pests. Over exposure to the sun or all kind of infections represents serious risks too.

September 16, 2017

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